Category: Business Engineering

Type: Simulation of a Business creation project

Title: Business projects generator


This is the Project Charter of a simulation about a Business creation project (KA’AHILI) giving an opportunity to the community. This project in prototype for The Wise Funding tools within the Ka Method


KA’AHILI come from hawaian and means “Endeavour”. We are not offering services, nor product but we are building endeavour to make you achieve a vision, a dream.  Ka also means in xwelah language (southwest of Benin) calabash, Ahi means “market” and li means “last”. Literally KA’AHILI means also “the market of the calabash last”. Ka is a new form of economic structure developed by THE WISEMEN COUNCIL.

“Ask, we do”

Business Title and Description

As the first Ka dedicated to North America, KA’AHILI is a company that offers its skills to implement the ideas of creative business men and women that lack time, resources or availability to create an extra structure. We build the endeavour for them, make it operate and allow them to take benefit from the business they have shaped.

Business Manager Assigned and Authority Level

Arnaud SEGLA is given the main authority to lead the business and can determine, manage, and approve changes to budget, portfolio, staffing, etc. He is the Share Wiser of KA’AHILI. As a Ka this position can be held by another member of the leading team.

Business Need

This business is being implemented in order to give a share point to people that have business idea and people that want to lead some economic endeavour.

Business Justification

We expect that informal business actors will find a way to use the dynamics of their manpower to meet business need. Our target is to create 7 companies in the first year and then do the same by semester in the following years.

Resources Pre-assigned

There are no pre-assigned resources at this date.


Stakeholders include THE WISEMEN COUNCIL and all the sole proprietorships involved in the services and products needed to operate the Ka. These resources are available to assist the business as needed by the Share Wiser.

Stakeholder Requirements as Known

The project must get straight to the point of the business. Respect the North American way of doing business. Share resources.

Product Description/Deliverable

A Ka registered as a sole proprietorship of the Main Share Wiser. Business case and detailed structure are to be built further.

Constraints and Assumptions

There is neither constraint nor assumptions at this date

Business Mentor Approval

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