Planet of A Pizz

Catégorie: Rédaction de projet Type: GonZoMOVES42 (Idéation) Titre: Planet of A Pizz Infographies: Texts: Have a good rest (Jamm Rek) HI Mike, “Don’t be ashamed to be proud of Yourself.” Arno and I, Awa are working to: “Make accessible the informal socio-economic...

Contexte d’Entrepreneuriat Informel

Catégorie: Rédaction de projet Type: GonZoMOVES42 (Idéation) Titre: Contexte d’Entrepreneuriat Informel Introduction: Arnaud Segla (2 Samuel 22 Prière pour Force ET OU Courage de Sauveur) est Consultant Manager d’Entreprises: 1. par GEII (Génie Eventeur d’Initiatives...


Symbolism of the cover photo: If each member of our community provides an Effort in Synergy with all the Rigor of a Concurrent Strategy, each at his level, it is all Africa, and beyond the Black World and the Souths, which will know their Renaissance and their Essor...
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