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Our clients are peer economic actors and community leaders that we complement in their mission with starting entreprises, growing entreprises and entreprises to be accelerated.
These are: incubateurs, universities, training center and organizations that carry out projects in the field of entrepreneurship or economic empowerment and sustainable development in Canada and Africa within the Cloud.
We are offering support toward business achievement!!


Ethnic Entrepreneurship


Business (Re)Structuration


Community Projects


Indicators Reporting


Management Consulting


Enterprises Analysis

Our deal

We have a deal for you. This is our Project Life Cycle of Strategic Organization. The one to make you succeed in your business project by an accompaniment oriented on the results and the sales. Because we believe that the purpose of any company is to effectively sell its product or service and grow to last …


Finding your Definition. Structuring your project and initiating or strengthening your entrepreneurial skills aligned on your (En)Vision.


Draft a summary document, position yourself, prospect stakeholders and fund your project.


Launching and managing performance and innovation. Promote your activity in order to have an impact and to last.


Consolidating your strategy and Invest in the community’s business park to build a transferable economic heritage.

Expatriés Africains Urbains (EAU)

L’Organisation stratégique du Monde ECO Libre a pour but de faciliter, par intermédiation, la collaboration, et non la coopération, entre les Migrants pour raisons socioéconomiques inter et intra États Citoyens en minorités ethniques (Diaspora) et groupes informels (Perfora) dans les Villes et Marchés d’Afrique et du Monde, et non uniquement en France encore moins en Chine, pour l’Implémentation de Projets, Initiatives et Missions au service de leurs entreprises, quelle qu’elles soient mais licites. Cela concerne les Présidents (Volet économique par The Wisemen Council; Management dans la détresse; Entrepreneurs à accélérer; Projets), les Résidents (Volet social par la Fondation du Monde ECO; Mandatement sans espèces et non express; Promoteurs de projets; Initiatives), et les Adultescents (Volet ethnoculturel par The Lean Intention Academy; Ménagement du stress; Aspirants entrepreneurs; Missions) en quête de Liberté ethnoculturelle et Souveraineté socioéconomique dans leurs Foyers.


A peer to peer business

The Wisemen Council is a firm focusing in project strategy consulting for ethnic and informal businesses. Since 2009, it specializes in the implementation of simple management practices, effective and tailored for a better project performance and competitiveness of entrepreneurs and organizations operating in a critical financial environment. The Wisemen Council has developed an alternative method, the Ka Method, that we offer to some economic actors in the context of our Think Tank.

“Making informal economy a quality alternative to the liberal system”

Arnaud Segla


The Ka Method is a Socioeconomic Model based on 4 foundations (Management, Economy, Marketing, Philosophy) and a Spirit called Correction. This Spirit is Organization and Order and gives Concepts or GonZoMOVES to guide towards the Moderated Life (Omar Al Muetedil) that is, the sharing and exchange of wealth and value. All this as part of Providence and Interdependency law (MA’AT) through Time and not their continuous and all-out Creation.

The Ka Method

Management foundations

Eco Animism

Economy foundations

Share Wiser

Marketing foundations

Lean Intention

Philosophy foundations


“Their Dedication. It almost felt like they could read my mind. Like they knew me. They are very professional and they are entirely available. nothing thus far to add. Everything went well.”

Cathy Keslin, LwiZ, SÉNÉGAL

“Starting a Law firm is extremely challenging; Part of setting the wheels in motion is to have an attractive website. Arnaud has been instrumental in taking a computer illiterate like me by the hand and crafting  a superb, first class, professional web site; His professionalism and skill is first rate! I recommend him highly for any future projects.”

Me Saran Madina Cissé LL.L., J.D. Avocate, CANADA

“Arnaud Segla has the ability to effectively listen to his clients’ business idea and develop a detailed, clear, and strategic path forward that will help them achieve their objectives.   He is genuinely dedicated and interested in seeing his clients’ company flourish.”

Tiffany Callender, Project Manager of UIBE and Executive Director of CDNBCA, CANADA

“Working with The Wisemen Council has been an excellent experience all around.   Arnaud was extremely knowledgeable and very respondent to questions.   He took our unique situation and crafted an effective, thoughtful planning proposal.  We are looking forward to using and implementing successfully what we learned.”

Jerusalem Girma, UIBE coordinator, CANADA

“As one of our consultant, Arnaud Segla was in charge of project management components in our business initiative. He provided content support to our client deliveries and initiated a process to monitor our projects in the alignment of our strategy. He remain active to give his contribution to our developement and new projects.”

Henry Dauphin, Temari & Co Head Consultant, CANADA

“As in any company evolution, the challenge is first taken up by the leader and then he associates the contribution of good wills who share his vision. Now our wish is to serve you as a team…”

Arnaud Segla, Consultant Manager, The Wisemen Council, CANADA

Our Consulting Solutions

About Consulting


A visionary sense of strategy…

As a company or organization you probably master your core business. Yet you aspire to better performance and competitiveness to open up other markets. TIME is important in the achievement of a business or project and also the quality perceived by the customer. That makes all the difference with your competitors and allows you to be profitable, efficient and sustainable. That’s why we offer a range of expertise and simple solutions to assist you in strengthening your position: Project strategy and Business Engineering, Project Management, Indicators Reporting , Enterprise Analysis, Proposal Writing and Para-entrepreneurship. We can offer tailored consulting for specific needs.

Business (Re)Structuring

Business (Re)Structuring

leveraging your assets

You are striving to achieve in your business and are dealing with critical financial environment, we offer you support to help you find the best solution to position or reposition yourself, grow and last. We stregthen you you with proven commercialization strategies that will help you make a difference on the market!

Services offered: strategic diagnosis, strategic analysis, strategic plan, consultation and management.

Business Engineering

Business Engineering

Be ready for your new take off!

You have difficulty living to the point where your personal accomplishment is at stake because you do not honor the call of your heart for entrepreneurship. It’s time to see how to balance yourself by creating or investing in sales and Marketing strategy to get off within a good start. Give yourself another chance to succeed!

Services offered: diagnosis, business development, action plan.

Project Management

Project Management

Appliying best standards

We are implementing the appropriate project: community projects in Canada, development project in third world or business ideas through the net (cloud). We are planning, supporting or reinforcing capacities. Take advantage of current strategies as well as technological and traditional tools. Leverage strong assets on the field and transcend your vision!

Services offered: assessment, action plan, tools selection, drafting, project management or coordination.

Indicators Reporting

Indicators Reporting

Controlling your project from plans towards realistic efforts

We help you in monitoring indicators and controlling Economic Empowerment projects or initiative within Result Based management with the help of Technical and Business support of a qualified team. Our skills are made available to reinforce your mandate for the target populations.

Services offered: Planning; Indicators Monitoring, Dashboard and Controlling.

Enterprise Analysis

Entreprise Analysis

Identify key factors of success and find good levers

Growth can be hard to achieve when you are not aware of all the relevant practices in business. You need sometimes to step back and reconsider your project. We offer enterprise analysis to help you to understand the environment and  improve the structure and operations of your organization, and we recommend solutions.

Services offered: evaluation, diagnostic, recommendations.

Proposal Writing

Proposal Writing

Align yourself with market opportunities

Having a good product or service is not always enough. You may need a full information strategy to prepare you to meet your project revenue objectives. Use simple skills of business and technical writing to better sell!

Services offered: simple proposal writing, conceptual notes, call for proposals.



Getting sources of income and pride

You are a professional and want to develop an entrepreneurship initiative as second occupation. Your part-time job help pay the bills but you are really motivated in growing your business project. This is both cases of para-entrepreneurship. We are making available to you a series of resources and some support to help you with these kind of activities (through the cloud). This can help you make the transition towards full-time entrepreneurship.

Services offered*: business engineering, coaching, courses, informative resources and support.

*more information at:

Our Think Tank concepts

About the Think Tank

Think Tank

The power of the informal way…

The Wisemen Council has developed a model and an alternative approach for defining an ethnic context, not only in the application of standard economic concepts, but also in the management of new phenomena related to changes in the financial environment. This system of conceptual references is designed to habilitate economic project promoters to be autonomous in the implementation of a management method in accordance with their identity. The Think Tank proposes a system of five tools: The Ka Method, Eco Animism, Share Wiser technique, Ka Concepts and The Lean Intention philosophy.

Ka Method

The Ka Method

Business Project management within spirituality

The Ka method is our conceptual model allowing the economic agent to define an appropriate strategy for his business venture on the basis of his ethnic profile and the nature of his project. It focuses on the learning capacity of the structure and the adaptation to the environment. The Ka method as a whole made different use of management sciences to give an alternative to the financial culture of the market economy.

Concepts available: Ka philosophy, approach, management model, dynamic strategy.

Eco Animism

Eco Animism

Stimulating economic success

Eco Animism is our approach to the economy involving ethnic reading of the market events. It takes advantage, not only of scientific results but also offers a trade philosophy inspired by knowledge of animism. Eco animism thus provides a framework where economic actors can operate with more stability.

Concepts available: Eco animist balance, force and drive of the Eco animism.

Share Wiser

Share Wiser

Building community leadership

Share Wiser is our technique that gives an approach to the economic actors to take advantage of the information and monetary flows to promote their projects and sell. It is a management principle that is at the core of the Ka Method and Eco Animism. It gives the general mode of development of the promotion campaign by integrating the various strategies, tactics and projects.

Concepts available: guiding model.

Ka Concepts

Ka Concepts

Clay Stones to help you build your strategy*

The Ka Concepts are a series of recommendations allowing the economic actor, who adheres to the model of the Ka method and the approach associated with it, to stay in the wake of the philosophy. They therefore allow work on the proper attitude to the best benefit of the Ka Method.

Concepts available: Attitudes, effort, community economy, simplicity, correction, moderation…


(MOVES: Models of Organization Viable for Entrepreneurship Settling)

Lean Intention

Lean Intention

Setting quality and performance

Lean intention is the intention without any “fat” of thoughts, theories and systematic or systemic practices to produce Quality. It is a pragmatic and effective project achievement Attitude including adaptation, competence, knowledge and contingency to respond to the economic environment .

Concepts available: Profane, Eco Animist and Spiritual Observation and Rectorship.

Wise Fundings

The Wise Fundings

Growing the seeds of simplicity

The Wisemen Council brings together entrepreneurs and trainers to share its vision on ethnic identity and on economic development. Through a practical funding path we highlight the main aspect of our model and approach to the economy as an alternative to conventional methods of wealth creation. We favour the field experience to the academic knowledge.

Concepts available: Initiation or improvement support training, entreprise audit, transition towards a Ka structure, franchising, community integration.

Entrepreneurs Internationaux

Entrepreneurs Internationaux

Structuring your ethnic enterprise project

The Wisemen council provides the theoretical content and philosophy to the product family of the brand Ethnic Entrepreneurs Ethniques developed by Arnaud Segla. The Ka Method targets the African market and Ethnic Entrepreneurs Ethniques its diaspora and beyond. Both of them help the projects and initiatives of ethnic and informal entrepreneurship to contribute to the economy.

Concepts available: structuring, integration and strategy.

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Informal Philosophy

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