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“The Ka Method: Modern socio-economic tales from an African Wiseman”

The major individual book work on identity and ethnic entrepreneurship is released

Montreal, November 15, 2018—Today marks the official release of “The Ka Method,” one of the most useful individual works of the moment. A body of knowledge on Community Economy and an Anthology of Renewal of Ethnic Attitude make up the collection. Since the beginning of research on economically driven migration and particularly on the phenomenon of ethnic entrepreneurship in the 1970s, only few documents have been written or intended for those most affected, let alone by one of them. This timely composition and analysis work conducted by Arnaud Segla, Project Management and Business Engineering Consultant, came right on purpose to fill the void. “The Ka Method” is a set of reference publications where one can find a number of practical answers to simple issues with intricate and critical consequences. The book compilation will be available on Amazon sites under #Arnaud Segla.
The body of knowledge in Community Economics developed by the Wisemen Council consulting firm and think tank is aligned with an editorial line that deals with economic development, ethnic identity and sustainable development. It targets both ethnic communities, diasporas, people in southern countries as well as their community leaders and economic actors. This is the first time that a lucid and informed look describes what these people experience and suggests solutions from their own endogenous philosophy: the informal way. The approach aims to reclaim economic sovereignty and ethnic pride that these people have been deprived of.

“A community is a group of individuals who share the same particular method of communication and relationship revolving around a cultural, economic or social attribute that defines them or to which they identify themselves with. The community economy aims at providing communities with tools and strategies, in the form of utilities, that will make them economically sustainable and to promote equitable interactions among them.” Defines author Arnaud Segla.

Anthology brings a revival in literary composition from the observations of a witness of our era who looks at the challenges of maintaining ethnic pride despite immigration conditions that are sometimes restrictive. In a world where religion has become taboo, it features both spiritual aspects and social role issues that confront some of the orthodoxy comfort.

More than 15 years of migration and maturation life are recorded in the flagship collection Le Cri de la Calebasse consisting of four books. The author uses the universal language of Love, Humour, Wisdom and Hope to constitute a legacy for future generations and provide sound arguments for or against the new rise of the black civilization throughout the world. These books written in a timeless language remain easy to read and accessible to all.

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About the Author:
Arnaud Segla M.Sc., M.Sc. Admin. CAPM. It is a Manager and Coach Consultant in Social, Ethnic, Informal and Digital Entrepreneurship. He coordinates and leads learning activities and helps several entrepreneurs achieve their business project objectives. Since 2009, Segla has been providing consulting services for ethnic and informal entrepreneurship projects as part of the economic and identity development of migrant workers. He welcomes all those of good will who can assist in realizing The Wisemen Council’s vision.

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