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Type: Project

Title: Foundation for young black adults


Two community workers joined force with The Wisemen Council to create this project as young black adults need specific services to help them be fully integrated in the socioeconomic System in Montreal and beyond.


Project Title and Description

The FYM foundation is a foundation for young black adult to help them in their social mobility and to achieve a transition after social difficulties such as itinerancy, family problem, marginalization etc. The foundation is open to young men and women (including young mother) age from 12 to 25. This project aims to define and apply a strategy for the foundation and go through the administrative process until the beginning of the operation of the foundation.

Project Management roles Assigned and Authority Level

CW1 shall be the Expert on this project and have the authority to give the strategic orientation to the work to be done, review and validate it.

CW2 is the Client but shall act as a human resource for the writing and drafting. She’s responsible for providing the financial resource and give her vision of the need.

Arnaud Segla and any extra subcontractor of The Wisemen Council are the Project Management Consultants and shall act as facilitator and coordinator for the project. We are responsible of the work to be done and the realization of the work according to the expert direction and the help of the client.

Business need

This project is being completed in order to give a new mission to the current business own by CW2

Project justification

In order to initiate the project we ask the Expert to write a feasibility report for the foundation (describing the different options and their implications), a market study (describing the sector, the opportunity, threats) and an approximate timeline for the administrative process (that will depend on the options in the feasibility report).

The client is responsible to make the choice based on the expert recommendation and insight.

These documents will help the Consultant to write other documents such as an action plan, strategic plan (based on Expert recommendation), a business plan and maybe a project plan if necessary. The aim is not to multiply the plans but to get the minimum information (written and kept somewhere) in order to do a proper job. But this is not mandatory since there is a cost to it.

Resources Pre-assigned

A part the human resource the financial resource will be the focus point. We assume that there are not a lot of administrative fee. The main expenses will be the Expert and Consultant wage. I propose that there will be two kind of fee one for the edition of a document and one for the hour of work. The price of a document will be based on a quote and the hour rate will be negotiated with the client individually.


The Expert, The Client and her family, the Consultant, the Quebec Administration, the current worker, the current elder clients, their family are stakeholders and the community as future donators.

Stakeholder requirements as Known

The main stakeholder are the Client and the Quebec Administration as their decision are important for the project. The Client want to:

  • create a foundation to facilitate the change in the mission of the elder house and help young black
  • be helped to define the best strategy to achieve the goal
  • be helped to go through the administrative process in order to achieve the goal
  • be helped to do the necessary writing to enhance the chance to achieve the goal

Product Description/Deliverable

  • Project Feasibility report
  • Project Market study
  • Project Action Plan
  • Expert Monthly counselling and document review
  • Expert support on demand (email and phone)
  • Monthly project meeting
  • Bi-weekly working session between Client and Consultant
  • Weekly working session for Consultant
  • Foundation registration
  • Foundation charity status
  • Foundation business plan
  • Foundation marketing strategy (optional)

Constraints and Assumption

  • The client wants to achieve the administrative process as soon as possible (within 6 months)
  • The charity status procedure takes at least 6 months.
  • The elder need to find a place to stay after the house change mission.
  • The house will change mission progressively a let young black have activity to get experience such as internships.
  • The Client need to get the credibility on her mission during the administrative process based on the strategy developed by the Expert.
  • The Expert write initiation documents and coach the client for the general strategy and the Consultant achieve the work with the help of the Client. But it’s a team effort.

Project Sponsor Approval

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